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Welcoming a new puppy is an exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding. Before your puppy arrives, make sure you have everything necessary to take care of it and help it settle comfortably in its new home. These are the things you really need: bed, feeder and drinker, training gear, toys, collar and leash, brush,..

It is important to make certain preparations at home. Puppies are curious and love to explore, so it’s important to make sure your home is safe before you pick up your new pet- You will have to take a general look around the house and make sure there are no places where it can fall or get caught (balconies, windows or stairs) and that it does not have access to cables or plugs. Also review the type of plants that adorn your house, since there are some plants that are toxic for them. Never let it have access to foods such as chocolate, grapes… since its ingestion is toxic for dogs. In any doubt, consult your veterinarian and avoid unnecessary dangers.

Your pup may feel stressed by new things he sees, sounds, sights, smells or the fact of being separated from his mother and siblings, a safe and confortable place will help him to feel protected and where it can rest, him especially the first few weeks, until it has the habits and routines of your house. It is better if the house is quiet with very few visitors during the first days so that your puppy can settle without much hustle and bustle and avoids more stress.

Puppies like to know what to expect. Plan what your routine will be for the eating, make a wee, exercising and cleaning, so you can start from the first day. We will guide you with the routine it has had with us. It is better to continue with it especially the first few days until your puppy settles.

The daily amount that you should give your puppy varies greatly depending on the commercial food brand that you choose and how old it is. Some brands recommend the puppy to eat about three hundred grams daily, while others recommend five hundred.

You must read the instructions of the brand of food that you have purchased and follow it depending on the weight of your dog. Once you know how many grams per day you should give your dog, you have to distribute it in several helpings throughout the day.

  • Puppies under six months:  Three daily meals distributed at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Puppies over six months old:  Two daily dosis distributed in breakfast and dinner.

Your puppy must always have fresh and clean water available, they must be able to drink water whenever they want, without restrictions, since their food can make them very thirsty.

We will guide you and explain the exact measures you need to eat in each dosis and we will give you a sack of the food that it is eating so that there are no more changes, especially in the first days.

It is also important to get the puppy used to the hygiene care that it will have throughout his entire life. Brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing… are some of the tasks that if our pet is used to it can be very simple. Otherwise they can become a real ordeal.

Actually, once vaccinated, there would be no problem in bathing the puppy as long as when specific shampoos for puppies are used and we dry it well after the bath. A good option is to dry it with a hair dryer, setting the air to a proper temperature. As for the frequency, it is not good to bathe them excessively, since that with washing we eliminate body fat that protects the skin. The usual bathing can be alternated with baths with dry shampoo, this type of shampoo is used to clean your pet’s fur without having to bathe it, it works by absorbing the dirt, as well as grease and bad smels.

At least 2 months of age, when they have the first 2 vaccinations and have had a slow and unhurried weaning, ideally from 10 or 12 weeks.

Early weaning can cause socialization and behavior problems in the puppy. The puppies often play by biting or scratching, however, the mother says how far and until when, because she stops them when they bite/scratch her or her siblings. It also teaches to respect hierarchies.
This type of education is difficult for a dog to assimilate in a different environment and away from their mother and siblings. This is one of the reasons why dogs, with the time, can develop abnormal behaviour. In addition, one must take into account that breast milk is essential during the first months of growth and that the change to food must be done slowly and regularly without skipping or substituting any of the stages.
It is good that you want to have a pet from a very young age to see it grow and not miss out any of the developments, but always think about them and their well-being. That’s why we recommend respecting the times of each puppy and each litter, since each puppy is different, and needs some time or another to spend with his mother and siblings, so that it can grow and evolve properly.

Our puppies are delivered:

Vaccinated and dewormed

They are delivered vaccinated and dewormed to prevent viral diseases and parasites that affect the immune system of puppies.

Identified with microchip

Identification through the use of the microchip has become the best option for the lost animals to get back to their homes

Genetic guarantee

We deliver them with the genetic health certificates of the parents, as they are free of diseases considered hereditary in the Boxer breed.

Registered in the LOE

We deliver a copy of the litter notification, as proof of registration to the Book of Spanish Origins (pedigree), of the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

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